10 Health Benefits of Chocolate

by / May 25, 2013

Here are some enlightenng facts that could help ease any regret while indulging in our favorite guilty pleasure.

1.Studies show that Cacao, the main source of chocolate, has been proven to have antibacterial agents that actually help fight tooth decay.

2.Chocolate contains phenyl ethylamine which initiates the release of feel-good hormones from the brain.

3.The smell of chocolate can help to relax and reduce stress by increasing theta brain waves.

4.Chocolate contains oleic acid, a monsaturated fat which raises good cholesterol. The stearic acid (a neutral fat) in chocolate will not increase bad cholesterol.

5.Chocolate can be good for the weight-conscious. One hot chocolate cup taken before meals help to reduce appetite.

6.Chocolate contains flavonoids, which are instrumental in improving blood vessel function.

7.Eating chocolate can increase the level of heart-protecting antioxidants found in blood.

8.People who eat more chocolate have lower BMI.

9.The carbohydrates found in chocolate, are said to be great for maintaining a good sense of well-being as it helps increase serotonin levels found in the brain.

10.Chocolate was used traditionally in Mexico to treat insect bites and bronchitis.

Enjoy! Happy Easter

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