Steamtown’s short train rides and excursions available through November 30, 2014

by / June 1, 2014

The “Scranton Limited” short train rides at Steamtowns National Park grounds and museum complex has returned for the 2014 season with limited short train rides through November 30. Each train ride is a 3-mile, 30 minute round trip departing from the park’s Museum Core Complex through the rail yards, Lackawanna River, the historic Radisson at Lackawanna Station hotel, the former DL&W Railroad passenger station and near the University of Scranton before returning to the roundhouse boarding area.

On Sundays, the “Scranton Limited” will transform into the “Nay Aug Limited.”- an expanded ride which travels further up the former Pocono Mainline to the 755-foot Nay Aug Tunnel. Each trip features an informative program by a park ranger or volunteer, and a brief stop above Nay Aug Park Gorge. Passengers get the opportunity to enjoy a thrilling view of the gorge and waterfall from a unique perspective.

Both “Scranton Limited” and “Nay Aug Limited” short train rides cost $5.00 per person, in addition to a separate $7 entrance fee for the park.

Click here to learn more or contact (570) 340-5200

Image Source: NPS Photo, Ken Ganz.

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