Expose Your Child To Languages with Kadho’s Groundbreaking Apps

by / May 10, 2015

Several studies suggest that introducing children to languages early on in life improves a child’s cognitive development. In the first few years of life, the young brain is transiently primed to acquire up to three languages with ease.

Children exposed to foreign languages before the age of six are more likely to be creative thinkers, demonstrate superior reading and writing abilities and show signs of advanced social skills.

Many families are jumping on the polyglot bandwagon and incorporating languages into their child’s daily routine. Language schools and multilingual television shows are great ways to introduce your child to different dialects.

The explosion of various child friendly apps on the market is also something that most parents are utilizing. There is no doubt that technology has become an integral part of our daily lives and there are several mobile applications that promise to give results.

One company that is dedicated to targeting key areas in a child’s language and cognitive development is Kadho.

Kadho founders and PhD scholars Kaveh Azartash and Dhonam Pemba, are revolutionizing early childhood education with the release of four scientific-based apps this summer.

All Kadho’s apps are multi sensory and tap into the senses of sight, sounds and touch. There are currently two apps and two ebook. Mochu Pop is currently available.  Mochu Says Goodnight,  A Royal Birthday and Mochu Builds Treehouses will all be released by June 2015.


Mochu Pop 
Pop the balloons to hear a sound. In this game, the child is presented with the shape first and then watch as balloons fly up on the screen.

Mochu Pop is an app aimed at 1-3 year olds. Children are required to recognize and pop geometric shaped balloons to release a phonic sound. The released sounds are based on key components of early language development.


Mochu Builds Treehouses
Cultivate your child’s language learning skills while building treehouses that introduce the most important sounds of English, French, Spanish, and Italian speaking countries all in one fun game.

Mochu Builds Treehouses stimulates language development through a variety of interactive gameplay which includes, painting and building a dreamhouse. A child’s language skills are developed while discovering a variety of different language combinations.


Mochu Says Goodnight
Read, play and sing along with your baby as you read them a bedtime story. Mochu the Penguin can’t fall asleep.

Mochu Says Goodnight is an interactive ebook that exposes children to vital sounds in the English, Spanish, French and Italian vocabulary. The story encourages interaction through reading, playing and singing along all while following Mochu the penguin on his journey to bedtime. Mochu Says Goodnight is suitable from birth and upwards.


A Royal Birthday
Read, play and sing along with your baby as you follow Princess Emma and Mochu on a search for her missing cake.

This fun interactive eBook immerses your child with important vocabulary from English, Spanish, French and Italian. While helping Mochu and Princess Emma on their quest to find the missing birthday cake, users are encouraged to tap on various objects throughout the book to hear sounds. A Royal Birthday is suitable from birth and upwards.

Mochu Pop


Our Thoughts on Kadho
We were sent information about Mochu Pop to review and give an honest review. I must say that the bold and colorful graphics make this a visually appealing tool. The inclusion of Kadho’s Main protagonist Mochu the Penguin, provide a friendly and familiar character that children can recognize and relate to. I like that the app is free and has no intrusive ads. The implementation of an analytical dashboard is a big plus, as it allows parents to effectively track their child’s progress, allowing for better decision making solutions. Overall Kadho creates a fun and engaging platform that keeps children under 5 fully focused and alert.

Mochu Pop is currently available to download via Google Play and Apple App Store. Mochu Says Goodnight,  A Royal Birthday and Mochu Builds Tree Houses will all be released in June 2015. To learn more visit Kadho.com


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