REVIEW: Authentic French Delights from Babeth’s Feast (and 20% of your first order)

by / January 27, 2016

As a busy mom, I am always on the lookout for delicious and creative meal solutions to stack up on for days when I don’t feel like cooking (i.e. this past snow day). We don’t eat a lot of frozen meals but there was something about Babeth’s Feast that got me intrigued.
While on a trip to New York last summer, I stumbled across the store while searching for cooking demonstrations around the city. Upon further inspection, I found out that Babeth’s Feast was in fact a gourmet frozen food store nested in the upper east side of Manhattan and the best bit was that they delivered nationwide for a flat rate of $15. Customers are required to purchase a minimum of $50.


The inventory is based around French cuisine and having grown up in Europe, I recognized a lot of my old favorites. With a 25% discount in hand, I ordered quite a few things including a pack of Pains aux raisins x3, a pack of brioche x4, a single portion of Coq au Vin, spinach and goat cheese quiches x2, a box of mini tartes aux fruits, mini crab cakes and chicken marsala mushroom tarts and mushroom lasagne.


While we enjoyed most of what we ordered, the chicken marsala mushroom tarts was probably the favorite. They were delicious and didn’t take long to bake. The pains au raisins took me back. They were just as good as when I last remembered and tasted like they were freshly bought from a bakery. What I didn’t really enjoy was the tartes aux fruits. I would have preferred a crispier pastry.


Overall, I was impressed with the order that I’m hoping to try more products in the next few months. Most of the items were vacuum sealed to maintain freshness.

I would highly recommend Babeth’s feast. They have an extensive inventory from assorted pasta entrees to frozen desserts.
If you are interested in trying out Babeth’s, consider the following referral link for 20% off of your first order: http://babethsfeast.refr.cc/KMCSLF8

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